A downloadable Crusade for Windows

Discover a 3d wooden toy style world with an RPG inspired by an old classic and its seven stars, a timed-battle role playing game where timing and strategy is all!

Another crusade is a brand new RPG with the battle system of an old classic.
Enjoy exploration as a platformer game, but experience battles with a timed battle system, where strategy and timing is everything!

This demo is only available in English and is meant to show a work in progress. The final product might be subject to change and may include other language options.

We recommend playing the demo with the keyboard, Xbox or Playstation controller.

Any feedback is welcome: contact@dragonveinstudios.net

Join our discord!  https://discord.gg/79MFphJ

You can also follow us here: https://www.facebook.com/Dragon-Vein-101625681398904 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/StudiosVein

---------------------Update 8:

Hi everyone, it was been a long time since the last update. We have been working very hard on the game, and we want to let you know that because of the summer game fest 2022, we are having a special demo on Xbox for a limited time:


This demo is an improved and expanded version of what is here on itch.io

Please let us know what you think!

Also, the game will come out digital and physical for all consoles thanks to limited run games! You don’t want to miss it out!

You can also follow us on FB as Dragon Vein

And in twitter as @StudiosVein

Thank you!

----------------------------Update 7:

Hi everyone,

We want to wish you very happy times and holidays. We know 2020 has been a very hard year for everyone, but we hope 2021 to be a great year for you and your loved ones.

We will be taking some vacations to come back fresh and with new ideas to implement on the game on January!

Have a great time!

----------------------------Update 6:

We just got funded! Thanks to everyone helping us out, we don’t even know how to express how much gratitude we have towards you! Truly, thank you so much! Another Crusade is becoming a reality!

-----------------------------Update 5:

This is the LAST WEEK of our Kickstarter campaign! Be sure to support us so we can make this game a reality!

-----------------------------Update 4:

Another Crusade Demo V2 is now live! Play with the redesign of the characters, new font, added sound and music options and other features.

----------------------------Update 3:

One of the most asked feedbacks was to make a redesign on characters so you can identify them better. The first of these is our main protagonist Rai Reysend. We added a couple of elements that will also help its development in the story of the game.

We included his scratch on the helmet done in the fight against the Dragon King, his family emblem on the chest, and a scarf that will let you know he is an adventurer (physics included)!

We have also updated his mage companion, Niro the harsh mage.

We have added colors like a jester, to match the comic relief he is. His hat now also contains the “mischief smile”, a symbol used by Niro to project his attitude towards life. Finally, there is a water symbol on the belt, the element he uses for his magic attacks.

----------------------------Update 2:

We have released a low quality settings build. Please try to play the normal demo, if you can’t, then by all means play the low quality one.

We will add a “quality “setting in the final build; so don’t worry about it. You will be able to play in which whatever method your computer runs at smooth 60 fps.

----------------------------Update 1:

You asked for it, and we heard!

We have updated our stretch goals, and we will also release on Android and iOS if we are funded. When the game comes up, you will be able to choose between any of the available platforms.

We want you to know that we care for our community; don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

A war between humans and monsters was taking place not long ago to see which one was the ruler race. The Order of Light, founded for this same purpose, sent out groups of warriors to deal with the monsters, as this non human race is believed to hold a danger for mankind.The war ended with the mightiest of dragons being defeated by a knight and its fellow companions.

After a week of this event, our protagonist, Rai, the knight and now dragon slayer, was about to take a well earned rest, when a crimson meteorite came crashing just beside him. Over the horizon, barriers were being created in specific locations, one of which was particularly close to Rai.

Why are barriers appearing? Where did the meteorites come from? Are these monsters hold overs from the war attempting to claim the throne and dominance?

Whatever it may be, Rai, having his rest being crushed by a new menace, decides that it’s time to set out on an adventure again!

More details on the kickstarter page!

Install instructions

1.-Unzip files.

2.-Run Another Crusade.exe

3.- Enjoy and leave us a feedback: contact@dragonveinstudios.net


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Love anything inspired by Super Mario RPG. Can't wait for more!

Thank you! We've come a long way since that demo. If you wish, you can follow us on twitter as @StudiosVein or in FB as Dragon Vein Studios. The game is also close to being finish and it will be released on all consoles digitally and physically!!

You will be very happy with the improvements we have made!

LET'S GO! I'd love to play the game on release. :)

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I am very late to this party but I've known about it for a while. Now I have finally played the demo, and to completion. Here are my thoughts:

I love the visuals. The environments are beautiful and the enemies are very imaginative and well-animated. Great job!

1) I recognize that possibly ALL of these issues have been addressed at this point.

2) I use my PS4 controller with DS4Windows to play emulated games, so I know that it works. I didn't change any key mappings before playing Another Crusade, but when I tried to navigate the menu with the digital pad, it didn't work. The buttons are mixed up in battle also. My gamepad buttons were displayed in different places (in fact, your game thought some of them were XBOX buttons!) I guess it's still possible something went wrong on my end before playing, but I can't imagine what. I had to use my keyboard to play your game.

3) The placement of the buttons were different in the demo (for me) from their actual positions on my gamepad. For example, the X (confirm) button is on the bottom of the PS4 controller, but your demo mapped it to the left. Very weird, not very intuitive. Again, this could have been a messup with DS4Windows but the game wouldn't recognize the controller without it so I don't know....

4) Minor translation issues. "Demon King Arc" should be "Arch Demon King" because in English we put adjectives BEFORE nouns. There was at least one other thing but I can't remember, so it must not have been a big deal. Americans love to tell people how they should do things and we aren't hard to find in and around Mexico, so if you ever have a translation or dialect question, please ask us on Discord! Or if you want to keep it more secret, Cross the US-Mexico border, go to the curb outside Starbucks, and hire one of the many homeless Americans looking for gigs! You can pay us in pesos or OxyContin! :P

5) I agree with the other reviewers that the timed-hit system is WAY too unforgiving right now. I saw a comment about "principles of animation" (zeesh!) but the real problem is you don't have sound effect signals to que the player into when they need to press the button. Doing that will go a long way to solving this problem. However, I will also remind you that SMRPG allows players to mash the button almost as much as they want before the timed-hit pass/fail frames open up. Consider doing this:
    i) Create unique sound effects for the moment when players should press the button for ALL enemies.
    ii) Double (?) the number of frames allotted for "Great!" and "Perfect!" timed hits.
    iii) ALLOW players you mash buttons all they want up until a few frames BEFORE the "Great!" frames open. The reason for this is that players commonly press keys by accident while they are learning, and sometimes long after they know better. There isn't any feedback when a player fails the timed-hit test anyway, so it is a better to restrict failure to just the few frames before correct input would be accepted.

Also, part of the issue at the start of the game is that Rai attacks very quickly with his sword but other enemies attack very slowly. I am not just talking about slow windups, either. The delivering blows are also significantly slower. It throws players off. At least synchronize the blows between the player character and the enemies in the first area.

6) The music in the forest hurt my ears, I'm sorry.

7) I love how the characters look like they might have been carved. I think Niro's mouth could have a little more fidelity though.

8) Area 2 boss: The current strategy forces players to throw away turns attacking an enemy who can't be hurt until Niro's magic meter fills again. There isn't a strategy that avoids it because atacking is the only way to refill it. Consider updating the strategy if you haven't already. You might look to Chrono Cross (whose battle system was VERY flawed), as they allowed defensive maneuvers to refill the Tech bar the same way attacking does.

9) Please get LOTS of playtester feedback for EVERY AREA before you release. I can already see there will need to be a lot of fine-tuning to get the timed hits to a place where some players don't get so frustrated they quit in the first area. Some encounters will take a long time to feel balanced. This is the game I have been waiting decades for, but I want everyone to enjoy it.

Thank you so much for letting us play this demo! I can't wait to see more!

Hi, thank you so much for taking the time to write us all of this. We can gladly tell you that a lot of changes have been taking place on the game since this demo. (This demo is almost one year old; can you believe how fast the time flies?)

Most of the issues addressed here have already been fixed.  If you want to follow the track of the game, you can:

Follow us on facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Dragon-Vein-101625681398904

Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/StudiosVein

Join the discord channel: discord.gg/79MFphJ

Again, thank you so much for this information!

Hi there,  

Let me just start by saying I LOVE this!  Super Mario RPG was one of my all-time favorite games and this truly feels like its spiritual successor.  I only just ran across this on Kickstarter and wish I had found it sooner to become a backer!  You should feel incredibly proud of what you have made so far and what I know this game will be!  

I spent about an hour playing through the demo and exploring every inch of the map, and I did have a few comments.  Apologies if some of these points are redundant from the feedback other players have given:

First off, I LOVE the art style!  Everything felt colorful and the two maps felt very distinct and unique.  It is very reminiscent of SMRPG but different somehow...  More toy-like which I think you were going for.  Only a few comments on the art.  First is on the 'edges' of some of the tiles.  What comes to mind specifically is the corners of the ledges when exploring the forest (going towards the area with the HP Crystal).  I would suggest adding a bit of rounding or texture (tufts of grass, bump outs, etc) to make it look less 'blocky'.  Also, there were some areas in the town where it looked like I should have been able to walk behind and become occluded by buildings a bit more before colliding, but it looked like I was colliding with the roof.  I would tweak this a bit if you want a bit more realism and immersion.

Along with the art style, I wanted to address the UI a bit.  It felt fairly intuitive which is nice, but I felt like it could have benefited from a few more icons in some places (specifically around the equipment screen).  I know this adds more complexity, so take it as you will.  Overall, it reminded my very much of SMRPG's UI and inventory system.  My only other feedback here is that I loved how the UI prompted you when you had points to spend after leveling.  I would suggest two things around this: First, apply a similar effect when the player receives new equipment or key items.  Second, similar to SMRPG, I would incorporate the point allocation automatically at the end of the battle when the player levels up instead of leaving the player to do it on their own after the battle ends.  Optionally, the player could choose not to do this and save their points to be allocated later from the menu screen.  Again, both of these are a matter of personal preference and totally up to you.

Next up the mechanics.  Overall, the battle system is a love letter to SMRPG and you have done a great job with it.  However, to echo what others have said, the timing feels a bit unforgiving.  I could almost always perform a great or perfect timed attack or defend in SMRPG, but even after playing through the whole demo, I was still getting a LOT of "Too Slow" or "Too Fast" feedback.  I'm not sure how this is implemented in the code, but I assume there is some sort of either frame or deltaTime threshold for each timing category.  I think the range in which a "perfect" can be achieved is fine--this should be something that is hard to master since it completely negates damage and provides major critical hits.  That being said, I would increase the threshold before and after the "sweet spot" in which reacting is successful.  It feels like the threshold where reaction works is very short (around 100ms or about 10 frames).  I would tweak this and test it out around double the current threshold and see how it feels.  In addition, I think I found a bug on the attack.  If I rapidly tap the action button, I can get "Too Slow" then "Great" with one attack.  Not sure if this is intended, but I think once the button is pressed, any other input for that attack should be "locked out".  I didn't notice this while defending.

I am on the fence with the mana system.  On the one hand, I love that it recovers.  It feels like more of a reward for fighting and is a nice difference from SMRPG.  On the other hand, I feel like the limited pool of mana makes this feature almost necessary.  I mistakenly entered the major boss battle without buying any ethers and nearly got wiped out because it took a few turns to realize that Niro's mana wasn't regenerating as I cast spells or got attacked--only when I physically attacked the boss.  Up until the boss battle, this felt pretty intuitive, and it could have just been my own stupidity.  Either way, maybe you could try testing out how this mechanic feels if 1/4 of the mana point is restored every turn.  Either that or scale spell costs to fractions of a point.  Even in SMRPG with a larger pool of flowers, I found myself entering battles with a ton of syrups to restore them since special attacks were so important.  I feel like this will be even more true in this game.  Also, going back to the UI again, I would tweak the mana gauge slightly to light up each quadrant of the crystal as mana is restored (rather than just filling it from left to right).  Just a small detail, but I feel like it might look more refined since the mana points already take the shape of four-sided crystals.

As for the general flow and progression, everything felt really good.  I felt like the strength of the monsters and size of the map were appropriate.  By exploring the whole map and fighting everything, I was plenty prepared to fight the orc mini-boss.  He did feel like a bit of a pushover, but I would attribute that to him being the first mini-boss of the game and me being a bit "over-leveled" from having fought everything that moved.  The boss itself was appropriately challenging (as mentioned).  I feel like it hit that "sweet spot" where I may have had to grind a bit more if I had breezed through the map, but not to the point where it would be excruciating.  Also, if I had realized the point about the mana sooner, I probably wouldn't have come so close to being decimated.  I loved the hidden crystals.  They were a nice nod to flower tabs/jars, and I love that they feel like collectibles and enhance more than just mana.  I would have liked to see a few more items along the way (again, maybe this is just due to the fact that it was the first map) and another nice enhancement from what SMRPG offered would be to add more 'destructibles' around the map with lower-valued items (barrels, crates, etc).  Then chests could be reserved for more higher-valued items (like the reviving potion...  Sorry, I forgot the actual name for it...  Sap?)

Last but not least is the music.  Like others have said, it (sadly) felt wholly forgettable.  I dived into the game before fully reading the info on Kickstarter and was wondering why the battle music seemed to start mid-way through the loop.  It took a while for me to realize that the battle music was a variation of the map music.  Obviously, one of the staples of SMRPG was its soundtrack.  My biggest advice is to separate the map and battle themes.  You are transitioning from a passive state to a fighting state and in my opinion, the music should reflect that.  I liked the theme for the mini-boss.  I feel like that would be a great theme for the normal battle.  In addition, adding more variation to the map soundtrack would make a world of difference.  It felt like one continuous track and it was hard to tell where one loop ended and the next began.  I'm no music expert, but I think what makes a soundtrack feel memorable are variations in the melody--the same way songs have a chorus and bridge, the background music should as well (without the vocals of course) 

Again, let me say that what you have so far feels so polished and close to being a masterpiece.  I look forward to playing the full version!  Please let me know if I can help out in any way.  My expertise is in programming, but I also studied and got a degree in game development, so I would be happy to contribute however I can!


Ryan Bishop (TheGreatHero)

Hi Ryan!

We are very glad that you liked our game. And thank you so much for all your comments. We will like to take each one of them, as all feedback that is given to us is taken very seriously:

  • Maps- we are still doing some changes on the environment, so your comments will surely help us shape this game for better. We will try to change what you mentioned.
  • UI – we are definitely going to change it for something better! The idea of showing that you have new equipment or key items is indeed a nice one; we will see what we can do about it.
  • Mechanics- the frames for doing a “great” are as you said like 10 out of 60 fps. Depends on the weapon. We have tried making it bigger but some players found that it was super easy then to do a great timing. So we might as well upgrade it a little bit, but not too much. The bug you said is already solved for the final game, but thank you for mentioning this! If you find another one, please tell us!
  • Mana system- We cannot confirm if we are going to change something about it, as it is going to take a major role in the game’s strategies (just as you saw with the second boss). But the feedback of when it’s used it can be improved!
  • Flow – We are glad that you like the flow of the game. And yes, we will include more interactable objects, like destructible or different puzzle solvers.
  • Music- We are remastering all the songs based on the feedback given. So the battle music sounds more to battle and can be recognizable. Thank you for your comment!

Finally, I wanted to invite you to our discord channel: discord.gg/79MFphJ  

You can directly talk to us and to other people who are interested in the game. If you still have the desire to support us, as it would be on the kickstarter campaign, we have a donation program where you can access the same benefits as the Kickstarter backers; you can even get the rewards such as creating an item, NPC, enemy or even a boss!  

See you on discord!

Hello, I played your game for a bit and I noticed a few things.

So in order to emulate SMRPG I always think of how smooth the animations are and how well things are telegraphed for timing your hits and timing your defense. In this game, the animations are too fast and too short. Or the attacks are made to be deceiving on hit just for the sake of miss-timing attacks. I appreciate the reminder that you were too early or too late. But, I feel like that is compensating for not having a clearly telegraphed move set.

for example. Mario's first attack in SMRPG is his punch. the windup of that punch shows his fist going far behind him, then leans into connect with his fist. that is the moment you do your timed hit. In this the Hero takes his sword in front of his character model, where it isnt clearly seen, then slashes back to his right, at some point in there is when the timed hit is. What is so different is I can recall that punch from SMRPG so well and after playing this I cannot tell you when exactly the animation requires the timed hit.  I am more trying to memorize the timing with the hints I am being fed with text.

Looking up the 12 principles of animation may help explain what Im trying to say.  

I feel like the timing windows are really weird. If I press a button really early during an attack I get dinged because of it, I don't believe this was the case in SMRPG either, I know there were moments of set up for specials that if you did your timed defense you wouldn't get punished for pressing it during the beginning of the animation or when they move up close to you. 

Glitch I noticed, when I accidentally went back to the first area after the boss to get into town. I was fine with that, but the puzzle with the gates reset but would not allow me to solve it again. this is when I stopped. 

I appreciate the effort! keep up the good work clearly you guys like SMRPG. Best of luck!

Hi Brostroast, Thank you so much for your comments. We have made the game so it's actually fast, that's why every character attacks fast, but if we see that people don't like the speed to much, we can totally change it so animations take more time, giving also more hint on when to hit the button. We will also check the puzzle issue that you mentioned. Thank you! If you can, we encourage you to finish the demo so you can see more of the story and get yourself the second character.

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Fun demo!

Thank you!!

Let me begin by saying that I like this, a lot. I ate the demo up and it left me wanting more. I can tell there's a lot of heart here, and I'm eager to see how far this goes. I wanted to highlight some of the parts I really enjoyed, offer criticism on what I feel can be improved, and give my final impressions.


1) The combat - I absolutely loved diving back in to the turn-based isometric view points, the timed hits, and the low damage numbers. The new innovations such as indicators that I was too fast or too slow, and the ability to dodge any hit, whether physical or magical, felt intuitive and fresh. Learning the animations and timings was a delight, even though I often felt like I was hitting timings that the game was calling too slow. I feel as though maybe slowing down the animations just a tad, or some indication of when to hit the button, could really take this to the next level. I also enjoyed the innovation that Paper Mario brought being applied here in being able to attack enemies on the map to do extra damage before the battle even starts.

2) The mana system - Not much to say here. I love the idea of refilling mana with attacks, giving me the option to go all out on a weakened enemy, knowing I can use a trash mob to refill my mana later, or hold back in case of emergencies. The final boss of the demo was a great example of having to use strategy and time my spells and attacks correctly to get the most out of my abilities.

3) The speed - I am going in and out of battles faster than I can blink, and I love it. I always appreciate games that respect my time. The enemies take their turns quickly, I know exactly what they're doing, I learn how to dodge or defend it, and it's suddenly my turn again. Animations are quick and diverse, so it never feels rushed or confusing. And as soon as I am out of the battle, I can move and continue my journey.

4) The aesthetic - All the characters besides Rai look like Geno. What more needs to be said? The bushes and forest definitely gave me Forest Maze vibes, but somehow the ruins and traps gave it a fresh coat of paint. The town felt a little samey, but I never got lost, and it felt big enough that exploring was fun. There's definitely an identity that the game has found with its design.

5) Leveling up and stats - At first, it felt a little clunky to have to open my menu after leveling up to apply bonuses. That awkwardness was soon dispelled when I realized that being able to see what my stats were and which bonuses gave an extra point made it feel like a strategic decision, rather than a guessing game. In addition to this, seeing where my stats were coming from made me feel like my equipment was doing something other than just window dressing. I knew how and why my stats are the way they are, even if it wasn't that important in the short demo. And even though it was short, the leveling felt good and each one felt important. Once I hit level 4, it felt as though I was being pushed along because the enemies were dying quicker and the experience needed to level up again was so high. I appreciate it when games use their mechanics to give subtle hints to players when to proceed.

6) The story - There isn't much there, but I understand what's going on, who the hero is, what's at stake, and where the game is headed. I also really appreciate that my equipment is described as broken because of the epic battle I just participated in - really good gameplay and story integration. That said, I'd like to know why the hero who defeated the Demon King is now Level 1. 


1) The jump sound - Mario's jump sound is high-pitched, high energy, and very distinct. Rai sounds generic when he jumps. It just clanking. It's boring, and in a game that I imagine will expect me to do a lot of jumping, I believe it will be grating to hear over long play sessions.

2) Jumping, period - Other than ascending a few steps to get to a chest, and a floating platform for an extra goody, I don't remember ever "needing" to jump. I did jump - a lot - but there was most often nowhere to go or anything to do with it. It felt like it was there because it was there in SMRPG. I get that this is a spiritual successor, but I do hope there are plans for some puzzles or challenges that use the jumping like SMRPG did.

3) The translation - Now, I know it's just a demo. I'm certain (or at least hopeful) the final product will have more polish. But I just couldn't shake the feeling that the dialogue was made by someone who was not a native English speaker. There were few, if any, contractions, and the characters felt wooden (heh) at times. That doesn't mean the jokes are necessarily bad or I didn't understand what was going on. In fact, there's a fourth wall breaking joke near the end that got a good chuckle out of me. As with the aesthetic, there is a certain identity to the way the characters talk and interact. I sincerely hope this is touched up in the final product, because it definitely has personality. It just needs polish.

4) Enemy animations - So part of the "timed hits" things is being able to tell when an enemy is "hitting" you and thus when you have to defend. Some of the enemies, such as the ogres, have a wind-up and a short delay. This felt fun, because I had to learn and practice how long the delay was to get a proper dodge. The same could be said for the demons in town. But this just highlights how bad the animations for the birds' and foxes' attacks were. It didn't really feel like they were attacking me, just moving towards me. It was hard to pin down when to defend because there was little wind-up or any indication I was being attacked, they just moved and then walked back and I either took damage or didn't. Maybe a biting animation for the fox and a slashing animation for the bird would be better. I can already tell a lot of thought was put into it, so seeing these happen can really take the game an extra mile.

5) The music - This one hurts to write. It felt generic. It felt boring. It was easily the worst part of this demo. I don't remember any of the songs after an hour spent in the game. The only thing worse than being bad is being forgettable. There's a chance for this game to really shine, and it already has a lot of personality. 

Closing Thoughts

I am so in love with this game. I spent more time writing this up than I did playing because I am already invested (financially and emotionally). I'm really looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I think once the game gets some more polish on it, it's gonna be fantastic. I really do appreciate that the game is being given so much time as well.

Hi Beechteeth.

Thank you so much for that awesome review. For the highlights, we are very glad that you liked those mechanics as it is actually hard to balance the game so it feels this way, you telling us that is what you most like of the game makes us really proud of the work we are doing.

About the critics, I will try to go one by one.

1.- The jump sound is a great idea, we will try to create one in order to have this feeling.

2.- In next stages you will find more puzzles and areas where calculating your jump will be essential! So don’t worry about this, you will have a lot of fun with the jumping mechanic.

3.-This is the point where we have had more issues, as you are right, we are not native English speakers, but we have realized that we do need one person who can help us write all the dialogues and texts. One of the things we want to do with the money from kickstarter is hiring someone who can do this job.

4.-We will rework some of the animations so we get a better feeling for it. Thank you for your comment.

5.- We have also had some comments from the music, so we are trying to make it more vivid and happy, with more rhythm. Again, thank you for your comment here.  

We want to let you know that this demo was not even considered by us as an Alpha test, with this, we are trying to say that we will work out much more the final product. But at least we are happy that this demo has allowed us to share the vision of the idea that we have.

Thank you for your comments and your support!

Absolutely! After I checked out the kickstarter page I saw you are Spanish speakers. I'm extremely impressed with everything you've done. It makes sense that the dialogue is how it is, as Spanish doesn't have contractions. I figured the animations were extremely preliminary, I just figured I'd say something. I'm pledging today! Keep up the good work.

Thank you! We appreciate it more than you can image.

Hey everyone!

In this week episode of first impressions I looked at this game.  The impression I had was that the game played well sounds were good and it looked well too. I liked that it combines the platformer with RPG styles.

Things I found that the game could do a little better:

-Variety of enemies

-Lack of loot to encourage you to go through the fights and grind.

- slow level progression and lack of skills and combos?

Overall liked the game and look forward to more updates. Hope the game reaches its kickstarter target as well.

Thank you to everyone for checking this game and supporting this indie developer.



Hi SGP, Thank you very much for playing the demo! If you have time, give a try again to finish it. You will find more enemies, new skills and even more hidden objects! Thanks again for your video and for your support.

Hey there ! Thanks for making the game I dont usually revisit first impressions unless there is a demand for it. But I hope the video i did helps you with reaching your target.



I love, love, love the demo! I am so happy you are making this game. The controls and gameplay were very natural to me. The music and art are vibrant and colourful. It brings back fond memories and I am excited to see more.


Thank so you much for those comments! We are glad you liked the game. Please, if you can, be sure to support us on Kickstarter and by telling your friends. Also, if you have any feedback, please send us an email here: contact@dragonveinstudios.net

If you want to follow the game, you can join us on facebookor twitter!

Again, thank you for playing our demo and for enjoying it! It really makes us happy when we see this kind of reactions.

Tried the demo, it’s a good game. I like the turn-based combat aspect.

The keyboard shortcuts are a bit clunky, I kept finding myself hitting Enter when the game wanted me to hit M or K. I would like to have a setting to turn the music off or at least adjust the volume.

Running a KS is tough, be wary of the slump in the middle and push through it. There’s an uptick towards the end, especially in the final 48 hours. Keep pushing. 😀


Thank you!

We are still testing the key arrangement, for the final game we want users to select the keys they want.

And definitely we are putting sound and quality settings.

We do hope the Kickstarter reaches its goal. We are working hard to let people know of the game!


how do you play the .rar files?


Hi Daniel, you will have to extract the files with winrar or other compatible software, just as do you with .zip files . Once extracted, just look for “Another Crusade.exe” and run it.

Is this game playable on a pc? And what is the minimum spec requirement for this game?

You can play it on pc. There is a demo you can try now!

The minimum specs are i5 core, 4 gbs in ram and 4 gbs on video card. That should be enough to run it.

Oh okay, so its not possible for me to play it then. Thanks for answering!

Why don't you try playing the demo that we have there?

Tell us if you are having troubles running it. We can create a light version in case you need it.

Okay, then I give it a try. But I'll doubt I'd be able to run it smoothly.

Yep, I can't. There's so much lag. Good game tho.